Welcome to Koalaty Gaming.

Koalaty gaming was born from the untimely ending of Elite Squad 9, a Call of Duty 4 clan. After a number of years the clan decided to fold leaving members and players with nowhere else to go. Koaja and Hagz decided to do somethign about that. The idea was to simply create some new servers with no community, just a place to come and play.

There are a number of servers available for you to play on both under the name Koalaty servers and Pootles Palace. We also have a CoD WaW server, and some counterstrike servers to play on. If you have an idea of a game we can host then do let us know on the forums at Koalaty forums.

Call of Duty 4 Servers

Call of Duty 4 New Experience Servers

New Experience is an exciting CoD4 mod that mixes elements of popular mods into one. Add in an economy system featuring added killstreak style rewards it is great fun.

Minecraft Server

Counterstrike Server


Screenshots are taken using the ingame command /getss you can use either the players name (or 3 or more consecutive characters), or the players slot id which is gained from the console after issuing a /status command. /getss poo would take a shot of pootle just as well as /getss pootle. Some names have characters we cannot read due to foreign character sets in this instance use /status to get teh uid of the player and simply /getss "id". So for example /getss 10 would take a screesnshot of the player in slot 10. The screenshot link is Screenshots

Texture Hack

Server Commands

There are a number of commands available to the admin. I have listed a few of the more common ones. any commands that are used against a player can be actioned with either the player name (or part name in teh case of long names) or the players slot id. The slot id can be gained from running the /status command in the extended console which is "shift" + "tilde". Commands in cod4x are issued usually directly from the ingame chat. There is no requirement for Rcon passwords or even Rcon tools.


Sourecbans is teh glue that holds the rest of the parts together. with sourcebans you can monitor the servers and administrate bans. Ban evidence should be uploaded to any bans you make. Selecting the ban page will show you the list of bans. You can select the ban by clicking hte players name and comment/unban players extend curretn tempbans and more importantly upload screenshots or demoes to the ban itself. A player can actually appeal a ban there so evidence is important.

Admins must be logged into steam (they do not have to play teh game via steam) to authenticate themselves. No steam = no admin powers or access to the sourcebans module.
sourcebans is located here Sourcebans

Server Rules

We don't have many but just remember if an admin asks you not to do something then stop or you wiull be kicked or even banned.

  • No Hacking of any kind.
  • Camping is only allowed with a sniper rifle fitted with a sniper scope (no ACOG/Red Dot).
  • No being abusive to admins or other players.
  • No Racist/sexist remarks.
  • If your using overkill while sniping then please only use the sniper when camping.
  • Fullbright is NOT allowed.
  • The use of glitches are allowed with the exception of elevators, barrel glitches and machine gun glitches. Promod users must not circumvent teh max FPS of 250 fps.